Fauvist Inspired Chic Fashion And Art Décor

At the turn of the 20th century, a few French artists added more colors and finer painting techniques creating the Fauvism art movement. It’s not the same as psychedelic art because the strokes do not create an illusion. When you blend abstract, cubism, and other art styles, it’s an art deco, texture, or clothing in the most stunning and vibrant hues.

Fauvist-inspired art decor and clothing blends with solids, pastels, and humongous art styles and color palettes. I personally think Fauvism is a versatile art movement that adapts well with the past, present, and futuristic style elements.

Does Vincent Van Gogh Disturb Your Complacency For Bland?

When pastels have been ruling the color palette of the subtle and minimalism, does a part of your wardrobe dance in the intense hues bright and vibrant celebrating moments in Joie de verve? But fauvist clothing or decor isn’t about a dash of vibrant colors. It’s how you balance the brights and the not-so-brights and let them find their way in motifs, textures, patterns, and art per se.

Have you been complacent with the choice of your colors and haven’t sent an invitation to the fauvist notion in your dull soirees? If you understand the soul of this beauteous art movement, nothing is too bright finding a way in between pastels, chiaroscuros, and monochromes, why not? With the tagline “Be-gone pastels, iridescence has arrived!”

Van Gogh pioneered the art movement before Henry Matisse took it forward along with his contemporaries who understood the essence of art lies beyond the filigree of renaissance, baroque, and rococo.

That’s because the bourgeois has been falling in love with a motley of art movements brushing off their nuances, like an afterthought-making fauvism fit in any itty-bitty of art, decor, and fashion like a fiddle. How often have you been the matchmaker of solids and the vibrant and brought the harmonious encounters together in decor and style?

Did it occur to you that a dash of fauvist art and decor sits pretty in any corner of the room or a part of your dress in any style? It’s the trusty sidekick that could save you a zillion times from making a fashion faux pas when you were unsure if the colors sat joyously in the class of visuals and style.

Early Fauvist Work Of Artists

This section might not interest everyone but if you give it a glance, it gives you insights into how to read art and draw inspiration to create visually-stunning masterpieces or anything that makes you happy. Gustave Moreau, the French fauvist artist created the most stunning artworks blending renaissance, symbolism, and fauvist art. He sparingly use gold and metallic colors in the motley of renaissance and fauvist artworks that told stories of epics and mythology.

Andre Derain dallied more with blends of art genres to create vivid naturalist landscapes and still art. Matiees’ use of colors was subtler.

Fauvist Movements That Overthrew Dull

As Renaissance art inspired different art movements. Baroque, rococo, took a back seat and gave a way to a new emerging art movement, that unlike surrealism has not ceased in it’s spirit. Fauvism, the use of vivid colors in avant garde art form makes clothes, art per se spirited. From the insipid impressionist and cubist art form evolved this movement marching in hues so beautiful, they have brought delight in various art forms never ceasing its spirit. They overthrew the dull with colors magnifique.

Fauvism In Everyday Clothing

Losing the finesse of baroque and the delicate hues of rococo, debouched fauvist movement in flamboyance, and not the run-of-the-mill garden variety. Clothes carefully crafted in fauvist inspired lineaments and the right blend of fabric, patterns, and hues make you want to sail through the pictorial poetic life. With a dash of colors like a collage or a kaleidoscope of vivid hues, you could overdo and redo if you please. There is no place for kitsch when you make fauvism inspired clothing. Would you ever make a fashion faux paus? I don’t think so!

Fauvist Art Décor Interior

When minimalism keeps your taste grounded, fauvist décor does the opposite and instills opulence and colors of joy. With abstracts and collage of colors swaying in chic artsy décor creating a colorful realm, an aura that instills exuberance, zeal, and spunk to any room décor. You thought the kitchen wouldn’t do with the fauvist décor? Why not as long as you choose the right color palette, motifs, patterns, layout, fauvist blends in every room, indoor and outdoor as long as it is not overdone.

When Fauvism Retouched Renaissance Art

Michelangelo dressed in abstract hues of undefined lines that push the dimensions of the renaissance filigree with a novel modernist twist. Too much Victorian and Renaissance on your platter? Welcome a dash of fauvism and blend the layers of colors that spin to a chic art that evolves from the traditional form factor to newer visual. Wouldn’t that do well on any wall décor or home décor item?

Fauvist Work wear, A Spin Off Of Chiaroscuro

Solids are passé. Add vibrant hues of fauvist palette to the monochromatic, chiaroscuro workwear. Who said you can’t get serious with a dash of colors to blend with a piece of solid color? A dash of colors used tastefully in contracting colors of a single solid shade does the magic of creative and chic workwear. It creates a mood benefic and gung-ho toppling the astuteness of work with an element of chic and focus.

Fauvist Impressionism in Textures And Patterns

Fine lines, artsy textures suits your taste? Add impressionist fauvism with a use of subtle colors choosing the right pattern and fabric. This is not an idea art style for cotton, linen, or knitted fabrics. With silk, synthetic, georgettes, tulle, and chiffon this style stands out. Whether you choose embroidered pattern or prints with a blend of fauvist impressionism, picking the right fabric and pattern is essential to avoid faux pas.

Footwear And Accessories In Colors

Strappy wedges, ankle boots, boots of any style, oxfords, espadrilles, flip flops, peep toes, doctor martins; there isn’t a single type of footwear that is does not fit well with fauvist print. But, come to think about, a fauvist printed gladiator would make you look like a flamboyant warrior.

How about hats, berets, and all the fancy headgear? When using fauvist prints it is essential to balance the look with a solid color that blends well with the color palette. For instance if you do not have brown color in prints that are a blend of white, pink, yellow, for instance, avoid using brown as solid color. Use red or orange shades instead.

Fauvism Inspired Hairstyles And Makeup

Eye shadow, lip color, hair colors in creative and avant-garde style. Doesn’t look like your everyday chic in fauvist movement. So, maybe you can stick to a nice motif, texture, with colors for eyeshadow, face art, or lip color. But, Bella, that is time consuming again, unless you love spending time creating a certain look with this theme, maybe choose fauvist eyeshadow for your every day look, but be sure to carry it with panache and confidence.

5 Trendy Business Outfit Ideas 2021 That Make You Stand Out

One trick to make work a pleasure is to spruce up your wardrobe with chic business outfits. Don’t you feel good when you start your morning with a healthy routine and add a dash of style to it? Go beyond the regular fits playing it safe with formal colors. Add some spunk and fun with chic patterns, prints if you may, and an galore of style for formal and casual business outfits.

Slackers are the most disliked people at place of work. If you dress sloppily, regardless of your knowledge and experience, you will be sneered upon, no matter how open is the work culture. Sloppy dressing, is a strict no! Even if nobody is saying anything to you, don’t you want to feel good and look good going to work everyday.

You could leave idealistic thoughts of how beauty is skin deep, back on the shelf, and visit it when you need deep thinking. For everyday, food for thought, spruce up the work wear with these wonderful ideas.

Work Culture, Colors, Patterns, Trendy Outfit

You could look the chicest person in the room when you choose the right color, pattern, textures, and fabrics for work wear. One think to keep in mind when choosing a fabric is the weather and your body type. Comfort comes first because you are going to spend long hours at work.

You can choose a crease-free fabric if you are more about work and less about trends and maintenance. Humongous variety of linens are your choice for a formal or an informal work culture. Work wear is straight-laced but who said it can’t have frills in subtly.

Work Culture – Multicultural, Diverse

Multicultural work cultures are the most celebrated as they let you deal with people from various ethnicity and walks of life. One of the best aspects of diverse work cultures is candidness. For a place that is not frigid and does not have a strict dress code, you can experiment with trends, patterns, and develop an individualistic style that does not rub people off the wrong way.

Work Culture – Creative

This is the best thing to happen to you. You can be yourself, in toto, and work about your style, and what you choose to wear for work. You can wear your individuality with style , or just take a break from being individualistic.

Work Culture – Casual

Semi-formals are best suited for a cool work culture that is not straight-laced and frigid. Pencil skirts in flannel, linens in matter colors, not too shiny with the sheen. Asymmetrical cuts, applique, drizzle of frills, subtle delightful box pleats, prints not to kitschy, vintage, and, motifs from any era with solids are enough to put your style quotient a few notches above.

The 70’s Style Elements Of Retro And Disco

Hippie culture, tight flare pants, The Beatlemania, and the days of disco colored the palette of the retro era of the ’70s. Frolicking in the pre-vintage prairie dresses, humming Dian Rosse’s famous ‘Ain’t no mountain high,’ you walked with fun in the mind and passion in your heart. Times when Boho rocked the era post Elvis Presly and The Beatles. The calico dresses and high waist jeans are so vintage and retro, you can only relive that era with these dresses, which are a strict no-no for everyday wear, unless, you want to have fun with the ’70s style.

Puffed Sleeves And Smocked Dresses

Puffed sleeves and smocked dresses reigned the 70’s and made a come back in 2000’s with king sized puffed sleeves. Smocked dresses at home doing your own thing or with girls have been the ‘It’ thing of the ’70s. A time which celebrated coming of age movies like Say Anything, Sixteen Candles, and Some Kind Of Wonderful. Blissful times that didn’t have the digital noise with the magic of music listening to tape recorders and cassettes.

A time that celebrated true love for what it is and instant gratification was a taboo. Come to think of it, it’s in vogue making the idea of ‘true love’ take a back seat with a comic relief. Didn’t you have anyone mock you for wanting to have fairytale romance and the idea of loving the one and only all your life?

People don’t think this way anymore. That’s what the come back of puffed sleeves and the ’70s style of prairie and Calico dresses tell us; Vintage can never get old and there are people who still believe in the fairytale romance without calling it jazz. People don’t think this way anymore, because they are not looking for it. Given a chance to have everything in the world you want, would you still opt for true love and a soul connection?

Bell Bottoms, Flares, Palazzos, And Jumpsuits

The ’70s mania of transcendence, LSD, The Beatles, and the time when disco and hippie culture stayed ahead of pop. The bliss of reaching higher realms without a sign of emotions that express angst, isn’t the fifth dimension hard to reach? A place of complete bliss with not a thought to hate and connect with the oneness of universe. Can you do that swinging in bell bottoms and flared denims with a lot of fun to have and very little to fret about in an age that is more chaos than happiness?

Oh, lassie, those bell bottoms in your wardrobe, can you do that in style but once in a while? Everyday would be tacky unless you made a conscious choice to wear the palazzos and jumpsuits in sheer fabrics of Georgette and chiffon. Jumpsuits with halter necks, off shoulders, or nope, not the Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill, that would be an overdose Tarantino and kickass on your platter. We want flowy, sans the latex mania, because vinyl, and patent leather are rocking in the punk genre unto eternity.

Peter Pan Collar, Wide Collars, And Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks made a rage in the ’70s, sailing blissfully through the ’80s, and ended their journey in the ’90s. The 2000’s didn’t welcome them because they were overdone right from the haute couture to the knock-offs. Peter pan collars made the Vintage clothing, prairies, sheath, and the Calico dresses look happy without a lot of glamour. That era was not about glam quotient anyway.

With the rise of Elvis Presley came the element of wide-collar shirts and they did stay long enough to rock your style in formals and informals sans the pompadour. Peter pan collars lost their charm in the mid 80’s and the 90’s almost sneered the once demur, girl-next-door-look, unless you embellish them with sheeny stones, metallics, and filigree, no Bella, not the peter pan color like a plain Jane, walking down the lain. Nada, nada, nada!

Wrap, Disco, Sheath Dresses, And Polka Dots

Bicycle rides in the Polka dress on a quaint evening by the countryside, humming dulcet songs, and nothing else on the mind. Wrap up your beautiful emotions in the wrap or the disco dress for a fun date. Dating had a charm in the ’70s you wouldn’t find anymore. Nobody like the blushy, sweetness since the time women want to break the glass ceiling being Alpha woman; seriously Bella, you can still do that staying feminine and sweet, in all of the innocence and fire in a single go! Can you be fire and ice? All good and not nice? in polka dots and disco dresses, because you have crossed the stage of sweetness alone, there’s to you than meets the eye.

Chanel’s cocktail dresses can never lose their aura in the rack, but they are straight-laced, aren’t they? Disco dresses, an off shoot of Chanel’s black dress has fun elements that let you feel free. Free from the stereotypes of being anything that the world is so desperately trying to fit in. Because you are so blissfully wrapped up in your wrap dress, you least care about fitting in, or be a rebel, seriously, rebel is so passe!

The glam punk had it in patent leather, vinyl, and figure hugging leather, and you got all animal lovers, so it boiled down to plant leather and patent styles. Why not? You care, you punk! Rockabilly and rock and roll, evolved, but what stayed in the ’70s is untouched. You cannot recreate it only if you imbue, doing it right, in the right style, and at the right time, You Diva! you deserve the ovation and veneration, hmm..just be happy with the masterpiece you create.

I love polka dots, they have always been my favorite fashion elements from the disco era. Like Helen Hunt from As Good As It Gets, polka dots from the ’70s are so much fun. A little less on the filigree and more about boho prints and art deco, riding into the oblivion on the Lambretta or Vespa, you relived the ’70s.

Bow ties Shirts, Shirt dresses, Denim Everything, Vintage Belts, Bandanas, Oversized Sunglasses

Bow tie shirts, vintage wedding dress with pleats below the halter neckline and the empire line is so ’70s and vintage. Did you forget how satin was lavisly used, and you wouldn’t do that now, would you? Printed crepe or any printed sheer fabric would make you rock the ’70s look without looking like an outcast. Tapestry on the wide belts with the large buckles, oversized sunglasses because Aviators is so ’80s and ’90s.

Talking of disco, the round and square oversized sunglasses has to be along with floral prints, bandanas, everything Denim look. Accessorizing was not a scarce option with jewelry in beads, metallic chokers, hoop earrings, rhinestones, and let me tell you how cabochons got started in earrings, necklaces, and finger rings, it just found it’s way to make the matte look wonderful amidst the sheen and psychedelic prints.

Flip In, Flip Out Bobs, Feather Cuts, Platform Heels, Wedges

Platform heels, you wouldn’t wear them like a routine unless comfort is your priority. Talking of haircuts, you think of the disco and the hippie era, the flip in and out is iconic. Bobs, straight hair, it was not a time where messy hair was trendy. Updos, and everything that looks in it’s ‘ps and ‘qs with free-spirited and spirituality blended it, makes for the entire look.

Rachel in 90’s F.R.I.E.N.D.S sitcom made feathered hair cuts famous but they were as famous as Avon and Paul Micheal in the ’70s. Asymmetrical and avant-garde was unthinkable in the ’70s as everything was a blend of confirmist meets spirituality. People were open to new ideas on spirituality and oneness of the universe that believed in the soul connection and true love that was to care for and nurture another until last breath. It had magic and depth missing in the current scenario.

You can’t see the ideology of going the distance in-vogue anymore. Deep feelings, understanding, to connect with your heart, mind, and soul is a rarity in this world, and those who can find their soul connection are the luckiest. You have found what most people might not even want to get there, be there, feel, think, experience in your heart’s soulfulness.

best spring and summer outfit ideas 2021

Best Spring And Summer Outfit Ideas 2021

Summers brink back more than sundress, button-downs, and strapped tops. With smocking and ruffles on sleeves, empire line, or below the torso in poplin, cotton, and cambric that never was throughout the year. The relaxed times enjoying the sun in bright colors of turquoise, sandy brown, and Earth tones. Maxis are overdone and now passe. We need a a not-so-regular fit to breathe in the summer breeze.

Summer hats dresses in bandanas, espadrilles, or strappy sandals, which one is your pick? Sequins from the shelves of Givenchy, Chole, and Chanel if you want to talk Prada with samey color palette running through out. Or casual, bourgeois is your mood and tone? Where do you want to get started today for your favorite summer trends 2021.

The summer trends for 2021 are generous to give you a wide palette and patterns to take your pick. Is that a monotone, minimalist, kitsch gone bad with faux leather, or a bit of Victorian on the street-wear top with ruffles or light pleats on the lightweight fabrics.

From high-waisted shorts to low-rise pants, and we are not talking denims here, the come back is in a motley style of the vanity case.

Now you have everything under one roof, with no place for dilemma, and the senses full of delight. For, nothing you choose blindfolded is going to be demode. If you love the retro meets Victorian meets Kitsch, you just created a trend.

Colors For Your Mood This Summer/Spring 2021

The joyful yellow, vibrant orange, reds, the famous cerulean blue from the Devil Wears Prada, the matte tan brown shades and tints, neons, and a lot more colors. The color palette of 2021 is being generous. You know why? Because you have a lot to experiment with amidst COVID staying healthy and stylish with all that you got. So, what’s your mood today? Kitsch goes to Victorian era for a cup of tea and macroons? or may be, minimalism with offbeat motifs making a melange of colors. You got all time to make merry with this palette gracing the color trends for 2021.

Styling For Work Summer Outfits 2021

Summers and work might not be the ideal blend. But, you can make your everyday chic in every season. For the relaxed, warm season, take a pic from these styling ideas, and you just know your productivity has reached a few notches up. Who said the right style for work wear does not boost your morale and esteem. And that mood? Feeling good about yourself? Now, that’s a good start.

The Romantic Evenings Delighted in Willowy

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Away from your beloved, in his or her memories, stranded, turning every moment away from your beau in beauty, sweetness, and yearning. Maybe add a style of flowy fabrics with ruffles, frills, and smocking. Oh, I got to tell you about smocking. Its so back and on the top, making tops look feminine, coz feminity is passe.

Fishnets Beyond The Punk And Rock Chic

When you thought of ignoring the fishnets for punk and rock chic patented them over decades, think again bella. Now they have reincarnated to a layered piece to give a complete makeover to any outfit you donne. The once ignored has now found its way in the trendiest wardrobes. Stockings, socks, and a layered accessory, women are wearing their sexuality in style, coming out of their shell. What is to stop them? They are here to rule! and how!

Neons And Sequins Breath in An Offbeat Style

Now you can think Prada thinking of sequins and neon for summers. Maybe the lovely and stylish evenings with the ladies and a hearty tea-ta-te. And you thought, they were only for your outfits? Think again, they make your hair a headturner, but careful. If poplins and crepes say no to neons, because they have permanently chosen their victorian and retro habitat, you have more fabrics to look at; like the faux leather. Na, bella, this ain’t your fair weather friend to let you down. This gives the warm, style, and makes everything brighter and bold.

Appliques Tell Summer Tales

Is an applique on trench coat a lot of drama happening? How about a button-down? Shirt-dresses are always a welcome. Don’t say oopsie-daisy with the florals either. Maybe they have a place for the applique and tales to tell for the tea time. A mishmash of movies, relationship bouts, healthy diet, and oh, how well you bring out each day! Tada!

pre-raphalite in fashion and art

Pre-Raphalite In Art, Fashion, And Poetry

Damsel in distress flaunts her sensuality in sweetness with sinless carnal passion in burnish net and filigree, motifs of scaaharic fine artistry. Overthrowing the idea of Victorian women, digging their emotions deep for love and desire, the brotherhood of pre-raphalite opened up the sensual femininity, unlike the in-your-face punk, there is more beauty and expression than belligerence.

Magic of Organza, Tulle, And Fine Embroidery

As the dame waited for her lover in tulle embellished with finesse of velvet and gold silk thread filigree, her thoughts inked deeper in wonder, longing, poetic reminiscence. How harmonies of togetherness doled her soul in sweet embraces and whispers of sweet nothings. Yearning to see him adorned in floral motifs, velvet and organza tapestry. The chaos of desire to be with him harmonized her moments in sombre pace.

The Sensual Sacred Feminine

With hearts desire set to fire, and no roles to play by the patriarchy. Beaming in the unabashed blush, walking the gait in elegance overthrowing the padlocked Victorian edicts. Brotherhood taught the world, of an aspect to be celebrated and not adorned in a shell. Pushing the door open to a new world to express herself and not repress herself. A homecoming to her inner core, unhinged. Rossettie’s ‘The Blessed Damozel’ to love unto eternity puts down the feminine set to prove breaking the glass ceiling.

In all of the mis-mash of life, bella, did you forget to celebrate your inner goddess. Or did it make you comfortable with the androgynous? Manliness turfed out as you seek the essence of sweetness of femininity, oh, bella, didn’t the pre-raphalites give your conscious a makeover, to celebrate your gender, feminine. The sacrifice, endurance, and tenderness of love, is rarely a demode silhouette to keep. When was yearning passe?

Tea Parties, Macroons, And Afternoons

Is that a net dyed in somber teal with miniature corsages and fine embroidery waltzing on the neckline. With crepe or satin enhancing its sheen, subtly. As you cronies waited, the colors on your silhouette brightened the smile. Beaming the walls in baroque triptychs to your new found freedom to express. With harp playing in the background, and sweet noting of laughter and banter. Was your afternoon well spent?

The Tease In Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Alberta Ferrati, And More

Amorous, and in deep love. You were your feelings on your sleeves. With the one and only celebrating beauty of life in love and elegance. Who knew, sacrifice, endurance, was waiting to let you sail through eternal love like a fairytale. The finesse filigree of velvet motifs embossed on organze or tulle, laces in net run through the seam lines or dancing with the hems as the sweet breeze caresses under the starry sky.