Quirky Wearable Shoes To Identify With Your Mood And Personality

Ice Cream Any One? Literally Foot In The Mouth -Now, now Isn’t that Gait Delish!!

Sweet, aren’t you? Talking about all things pink, delicate, and not a twitch of the b***tch itch. More than a gal next door who loves the rainbows, fluffy toys, and everything that does not annoy. Dulcet and full of life, just like the sundae. Your presence is enough to brighten the room you enter! Now, now, who’d say no to ice-cream palette wearable, not us, delightful bella.

Cubism – Hmm- For Business Meetings

Walk the talk, and do the dimensions, the math, art and style just right!! Who wouldn’t love ’em shoes and boots in cubism painted and crafted all over. Na, you are not over doing it all. This is a total winner, any day! And….who’d dare say you got it wrong! Take the prize and the deal! You won won!!

Quirky And Sassy Head-turner

Not looking forward to lean too forward in the edgy area. Not everyone goes the Miley Cyrus way, from Disney to Edgy! This is just the right balance for your taste and panache to try things new, well within your threshold to audition for the novel and exotic! Yes, your innate choice is intact, and with the tact and mastery to blend new with your core, was just perfection!

Metallic Fearless Belle

You do what you love without an air of nonchalance that does not sawy at all to what others have to say. Your presence is felt from a distance in a nice stunning way that crowns intimidation to a celebrated glory. Throw some attitude in style, and you only get endearing and enviable with a nice smile on and thoughtful things to say venturing in mentations where nobody has been yet.

The Uber Individualistic – Bold And Carefree

Congratulations!!! You love yourself too much in a nicer way that only makes you more admirable and amusing with the creative choices you walk in. Your free-spirited mind and soul is what most of them wish for. Thankfully you are blessed to carry it with a unique style that prolly would suit only you.

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