best spring and summer outfit ideas 2021

Best Spring And Summer Outfit Ideas 2021

Summers brink back more than sundress, button-downs, and strapped tops. With smocking and ruffles on sleeves, empire line, or below the torso in poplin, cotton, and cambric that never was throughout the year. The relaxed times enjoying the sun in bright colors of turquoise, sandy brown, and Earth tones. Maxis are overdone and now passe. We need a a not-so-regular fit to breathe in the summer breeze.

Summer hats dresses in bandanas, espadrilles, or strappy sandals, which one is your pick? Sequins from the shelves of Givenchy, Chole, and Chanel if you want to talk Prada with samey color palette running through out. Or casual, bourgeois is your mood and tone? Where do you want to get started today for your favorite summer trends 2021.

The summer trends for 2021 are generous to give you a wide palette and patterns to take your pick. Is that a monotone, minimalist, kitsch gone bad with faux leather, or a bit of Victorian on the street-wear top with ruffles or light pleats on the lightweight fabrics.

From high-waisted shorts to low-rise pants, and we are not talking denims here, the come back is in a motley style of the vanity case.

Now you have everything under one roof, with no place for dilemma, and the senses full of delight. For, nothing you choose blindfolded is going to be demode. If you love the retro meets Victorian meets Kitsch, you just created a trend.

Colors For Your Mood This Summer/Spring 2021

The joyful yellow, vibrant orange, reds, the famous cerulean blue from the Devil Wears Prada, the matte tan brown shades and tints, neons, and a lot more colors. The color palette of 2021 is being generous. You know why? Because you have a lot to experiment with amidst COVID staying healthy and stylish with all that you got. So, what’s your mood today? Kitsch goes to Victorian era for a cup of tea and macroons? or may be, minimalism with offbeat motifs making a melange of colors. You got all time to make merry with this palette gracing the color trends for 2021.

Styling For Work Summer Outfits 2021

Summers and work might not be the ideal blend. But, you can make your everyday chic in every season. For the relaxed, warm season, take a pic from these styling ideas, and you just know your productivity has reached a few notches up. Who said the right style for work wear does not boost your morale and esteem. And that mood? Feeling good about yourself? Now, that’s a good start.

The Romantic Evenings Delighted in Willowy

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Away from your beloved, in his or her memories, stranded, turning every moment away from your beau in beauty, sweetness, and yearning. Maybe add a style of flowy fabrics with ruffles, frills, and smocking. Oh, I got to tell you about smocking. Its so back and on the top, making tops look feminine, coz feminity is passe.

Fishnets Beyond The Punk And Rock Chic

When you thought of ignoring the fishnets for punk and rock chic patented them over decades, think again bella. Now they have reincarnated to a layered piece to give a complete makeover to any outfit you donne. The once ignored has now found its way in the trendiest wardrobes. Stockings, socks, and a layered accessory, women are wearing their sexuality in style, coming out of their shell. What is to stop them? They are here to rule! and how!

Neons And Sequins Breath in An Offbeat Style

Now you can think Prada thinking of sequins and neon for summers. Maybe the lovely and stylish evenings with the ladies and a hearty tea-ta-te. And you thought, they were only for your outfits? Think again, they make your hair a headturner, but careful. If poplins and crepes say no to neons, because they have permanently chosen their victorian and retro habitat, you have more fabrics to look at; like the faux leather. Na, bella, this ain’t your fair weather friend to let you down. This gives the warm, style, and makes everything brighter and bold.

Appliques Tell Summer Tales

Is an applique on trench coat a lot of drama happening? How about a button-down? Shirt-dresses are always a welcome. Don’t say oopsie-daisy with the florals either. Maybe they have a place for the applique and tales to tell for the tea time. A mishmash of movies, relationship bouts, healthy diet, and oh, how well you bring out each day! Tada!

pre-raphalite in fashion and art

Pre-Raphalite In Art, Fashion, And Poetry

Damsel in distress flaunts her sensuality in sweetness with sinless carnal passion in burnish net and filigree, motifs of scaaharic fine artistry. Overthrowing the idea of Victorian women, digging their emotions deep for love and desire, the brotherhood of pre-raphalite opened up the sensual femininity, unlike the in-your-face punk, there is more beauty and expression than belligerence.

Magic of Organza, Tulle, And Fine Embroidery

As the dame waited for her lover in tulle embellished with finesse of velvet and gold silk thread filigree, her thoughts inked deeper in wonder, longing, poetic reminiscence. How harmonies of togetherness doled her soul in sweet embraces and whispers of sweet nothings. Yearning to see him adorned in floral motifs, velvet and organza tapestry. The chaos of desire to be with him harmonized her moments in sombre pace.

The Sensual Sacred Feminine

With hearts desire set to fire, and no roles to play by the patriarchy. Beaming in the unabashed blush, walking the gait in elegance overthrowing the padlocked Victorian edicts. Brotherhood taught the world, of an aspect to be celebrated and not adorned in a shell. Pushing the door open to a new world to express herself and not repress herself. A homecoming to her inner core, unhinged. Rossettie’s ‘The Blessed Damozel’ to love unto eternity puts down the feminine set to prove breaking the glass ceiling.

In all of the mis-mash of life, bella, did you forget to celebrate your inner goddess. Or did it make you comfortable with the androgynous? Manliness turfed out as you seek the essence of sweetness of femininity, oh, bella, didn’t the pre-raphalites give your conscious a makeover, to celebrate your gender, feminine. The sacrifice, endurance, and tenderness of love, is rarely a demode silhouette to keep. When was yearning passe?

Tea Parties, Macroons, And Afternoons

Is that a net dyed in somber teal with miniature corsages and fine embroidery waltzing on the neckline. With crepe or satin enhancing its sheen, subtly. As you cronies waited, the colors on your silhouette brightened the smile. Beaming the walls in baroque triptychs to your new found freedom to express. With harp playing in the background, and sweet noting of laughter and banter. Was your afternoon well spent?

The Tease In Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Alberta Ferrati, And More

Amorous, and in deep love. You were your feelings on your sleeves. With the one and only celebrating beauty of life in love and elegance. Who knew, sacrifice, endurance, was waiting to let you sail through eternal love like a fairytale. The finesse filigree of velvet motifs embossed on organze or tulle, laces in net run through the seam lines or dancing with the hems as the sweet breeze caresses under the starry sky.

Quirky Wearable Shoes To Identify With Your Mood And Personality

Ice Cream Any One? Literally Foot In The Mouth -Now, now Isn’t that Gait Delish!!

Sweet, aren’t you? Talking about all things pink, delicate, and not a twitch of the b***tch itch. More than a gal next door who loves the rainbows, fluffy toys, and everything that does not annoy. Dulcet and full of life, just like the sundae. Your presence is enough to brighten the room you enter! Now, now, who’d say no to ice-cream palette wearable, not us, delightful bella.

Cubism – Hmm- For Business Meetings

Walk the talk, and do the dimensions, the math, art and style just right!! Who wouldn’t love ’em shoes and boots in cubism painted and crafted all over. Na, you are not over doing it all. This is a total winner, any day! And….who’d dare say you got it wrong! Take the prize and the deal! You won won!!

Quirky And Sassy Head-turner

Not looking forward to lean too forward in the edgy area. Not everyone goes the Miley Cyrus way, from Disney to Edgy! This is just the right balance for your taste and panache to try things new, well within your threshold to audition for the novel and exotic! Yes, your innate choice is intact, and with the tact and mastery to blend new with your core, was just perfection!

Metallic Fearless Belle

You do what you love without an air of nonchalance that does not sawy at all to what others have to say. Your presence is felt from a distance in a nice stunning way that crowns intimidation to a celebrated glory. Throw some attitude in style, and you only get endearing and enviable with a nice smile on and thoughtful things to say venturing in mentations where nobody has been yet.

The Uber Individualistic – Bold And Carefree

Congratulations!!! You love yourself too much in a nicer way that only makes you more admirable and amusing with the creative choices you walk in. Your free-spirited mind and soul is what most of them wish for. Thankfully you are blessed to carry it with a unique style that prolly would suit only you.

Cruelty Free Faux Leather, Hot Pink, Neon Trends 2020

I used patent/faux leather for my fashion show in 2007 and feel in love with it because it is cruelty free. I have never been a fan of working with real leather because I love animals. I made asymmetrical cuts for my fashion show, ‘Paradox of the Radical.’ and it was already avant-garde when fashion was still at its initial stage to digest avant-garde. Too futuristic, am I?

I designed these in patent leather in 2007 and now am so happy to see that it is quite the trend. So, bring on some cuts, patterns, and hues. I already did the disco collar and the rock chic style in 2007. Now lets explore the latest cuts.

Pics from my fashion show ‘Paradox of the Radical’ in 2007. Only these pics below are my designs, rest of the pics in this post are only references.

Faux leather trends 2020

For places where there are chills and lighter rays of sun, faux leather outfits do the magic. With subtle sheen and cuts like a regular that goes in the wardrobe, you have a humongous variety to choose from. Patterns, motifs, cuts, detailing, you have it all in the un-embellished yet uber stylish faux leather. No more hue and cry of animals as you parade in style.

Hot Pink Everything

One trusty-sidekick of fashion people of all ages, you got it, and said it ALOUD! in hot pink! Didn’t ya! Skirt it up, or layer it with a jacket, and walk the talk in stilettos or Uggs. Couldn’t find those oxfords or loafers in pink? Walk tall with that bright smile in heels of any size, wedges wouldn’t hurt either. Clutches, wouldn’t say a tote in hot pink would do the trick, so keep it subtle or go all out there. And you thought only women, could pull it off? There’s more to hot pink than women alone, men could suit up or do a semi-casual in the 50 shades of pink, because macho is so passe, bring the sweetness in!

In Neon Fluorescence And In Street Style

Yeah, yeah, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking Prada in street style. When Neon-greens or the oranges brightened your day times two, you forgot how life gave you the yellow lemons and did you just make the peach lemonade, or is there more? Bold, weren’t you, to parade in neon, to your work. Did that business meeting go well, it did, didn’t it. Who said business attire was about being sombre, not anymore! So brighten up them areas in your life, where everything was sitting pretty in suave! Give it a dash of neon for a while now!!

Are You Puffed Up Yet?

Yes, well, back is the rack with puffed sleeves, the louder, the better. Subtle is in a laid back mood, because it no more about a cause. It’s all about wearable outlandish, that was only on the racks of the theater. Wear some drama on your sleeves, will ya? Puffed up sleeves on outfits of any length. They do sit well on the formal and semi-formal clothing too. Don’t they?

The Pink Parade That Breaks The Glass Ceiling And Nurtures Life!

Warmth.. is it lacking in the board rooms of the corporate where women are still struggling to break the glass ceiling and we still call it a man’s world? Do you know numbers have emotions and so does money. Would you really get anywhere without warmth, love, sentimentality, bringing meaningful relations into your life? Yes, then, the potent of Pink rings the bell, and why not celebrate them in the board rooms where the stern and stoical blues and greys have ruled the roost without care and compassion. Do you have to be a man in leadership roles and places where decision making is called for? I don’t think so. Decisions made with heart and a neutral mind are the best because they have something for everyone that makes them happy collectively.

Romance of pink and you are not the girly girl!!

We, women, can change the way the world, especially, how emotions are viewed in this fast-paced cosmos. Yearning for deep emotions, tenderness, and compassion are not outmoded. There was a time, a few centuries ago, when pink was the color men used in clothing. The color per se, is sweet, and full of fondness. You could be middle aged and still rock in this color, bring in the romance and love with freshness and celebrate love and warmth. Love brings meaning to life, and provides the drive to do bring out the best in you. So, why not say, A-hoy! to the hues of pink, at every age and throw in some style with feminine and elegant cuts.

Shades of Pink In Business Attire

Have a business meeting to attend? Why not pink because blues and greys are overdone and do we need the masculine element when we can retain the power in pink and its hues? Boldly march in for the business meeting in pink, getting the heads turn, and eyes roll, you could pull off the vigor, sharp acumen, intellect, and poise in pink. Unruffled, sweet, and having the strikes of acumen that brings a wave of admirable shock and surprise, and you know, you have just begun to save the world!!And you know, you can rock in pink in leadership roles, where tough decisions have to be made, and you can do so with the warmth of pink and compassion keeping the emotions and well being of people in mind!

Innocence is divine

As adults, if you still can retain your childlike innocence, you have touched purity! Whoever said innocence was only a childlike attribute are dead wrong now! Innocence instills a sense of divine purity that only a few Elysian beings are capable of carrying on, for they have touched higher virtues and all of its essence. With a touch heart and mind that puts the foot down against oppression, there is sweetness in the heart to nurture with love. Doesn’t the world need this balance? we do, so say a warm, welcoming yes to pink!

Not in your teen wardrobe yet, rocker?

I remember being an iconoclastic teen who stayed away from pink, not because I didn’t like it, I loved it, but it was a total contrast to my taste in music then. So, as years passed, I got comfortable with it as my love for metal dimmed and my taste in rock ballads, classics, and the rest grew finer with days. The Victorian pink is always a classic untouched you find in the finest pieces you can decorate your space with. So, bring in some pink, and usher the warmth in your life. I always wanted to scream to the world, I love pink, and not shy away from accepting that I have loved this color all the while but only ran away from it because I liked to hide it underneath my tough mein…but not anymore, what a relief!