5 Trendy Business Outfit Ideas 2021 That Make You Stand Out

One trick to make work a pleasure is to spruce up your wardrobe with chic business outfits. Don’t you feel good when you start your morning with a healthy routine and add a dash of style to it? Go beyond the regular fits playing it safe with formal colors. Add some spunk and fun with chic patterns, prints if you may, and an galore of style for formal and casual business outfits.

Slackers are the most disliked people at place of work. If you dress sloppily, regardless of your knowledge and experience, you will be sneered upon, no matter how open is the work culture. Sloppy dressing, is a strict no! Even if nobody is saying anything to you, don’t you want to feel good and look good going to work everyday.

You could leave idealistic thoughts of how beauty is skin deep, back on the shelf, and visit it when you need deep thinking. For everyday, food for thought, spruce up the work wear with these wonderful ideas.

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You could look the chicest person in the room when you choose the right color, pattern, textures, and fabrics for work wear. One think to keep in mind when choosing a fabric is the weather and your body type. Comfort comes first because you are going to spend long hours at work.

You can choose a crease-free fabric if you are more about work and less about trends and maintenance. Humongous variety of linens are your choice for a formal or an informal work culture. Work wear is straight-laced but who said it can’t have frills in subtly.

Work Culture – Multicultural, Diverse

Multicultural work cultures are the most celebrated as they let you deal with people from various ethnicity and walks of life. One of the best aspects of diverse work cultures is candidness. For a place that is not frigid and does not have a strict dress code, you can experiment with trends, patterns, and develop an individualistic style that does not rub people off the wrong way.

Work Culture – Creative

This is the best thing to happen to you. You can be yourself, in toto, and work about your style, and what you choose to wear for work. You can wear your individuality with style , or just take a break from being individualistic.

Work Culture – Casual

Semi-formals are best suited for a cool work culture that is not straight-laced and frigid. Pencil skirts in flannel, linens in matter colors, not too shiny with the sheen. Asymmetrical cuts, applique, drizzle of frills, subtle delightful box pleats, prints not to kitschy, vintage, and, motifs from any era with solids are enough to put your style quotient a few notches above.

pre-raphalite in fashion and art

Pre-Raphalite In Art, Fashion, And Poetry

Damsel in distress flaunts her sensuality in sweetness with sinless carnal passion in burnish net and filigree, motifs of scaaharic fine artistry. Overthrowing the idea of Victorian women, digging their emotions deep for love and desire, the brotherhood of pre-raphalite opened up the sensual femininity, unlike the in-your-face punk, there is more beauty and expression than belligerence.

Magic of Organza, Tulle, And Fine Embroidery

As the dame waited for her lover in tulle embellished with finesse of velvet and gold silk thread filigree, her thoughts inked deeper in wonder, longing, poetic reminiscence. How harmonies of togetherness doled her soul in sweet embraces and whispers of sweet nothings. Yearning to see him adorned in floral motifs, velvet and organza tapestry. The chaos of desire to be with him harmonized her moments in sombre pace.

The Sensual Sacred Feminine

With hearts desire set to fire, and no roles to play by the patriarchy. Beaming in the unabashed blush, walking the gait in elegance overthrowing the padlocked Victorian edicts. Brotherhood taught the world, of an aspect to be celebrated and not adorned in a shell. Pushing the door open to a new world to express herself and not repress herself. A homecoming to her inner core, unhinged. Rossettie’s ‘The Blessed Damozel’ to love unto eternity puts down the feminine set to prove breaking the glass ceiling.

In all of the mis-mash of life, bella, did you forget to celebrate your inner goddess. Or did it make you comfortable with the androgynous? Manliness turfed out as you seek the essence of sweetness of femininity, oh, bella, didn’t the pre-raphalites give your conscious a makeover, to celebrate your gender, feminine. The sacrifice, endurance, and tenderness of love, is rarely a demode silhouette to keep. When was yearning passe?

Tea Parties, Macroons, And Afternoons

Is that a net dyed in somber teal with miniature corsages and fine embroidery waltzing on the neckline. With crepe or satin enhancing its sheen, subtly. As you cronies waited, the colors on your silhouette brightened the smile. Beaming the walls in baroque triptychs to your new found freedom to express. With harp playing in the background, and sweet noting of laughter and banter. Was your afternoon well spent?

The Tease In Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Alberta Ferrati, And More

Amorous, and in deep love. You were your feelings on your sleeves. With the one and only celebrating beauty of life in love and elegance. Who knew, sacrifice, endurance, was waiting to let you sail through eternal love like a fairytale. The finesse filigree of velvet motifs embossed on organze or tulle, laces in net run through the seam lines or dancing with the hems as the sweet breeze caresses under the starry sky.

The Pink Parade That Breaks The Glass Ceiling And Nurtures Life!

Warmth.. is it lacking in the board rooms of the corporate where women are still struggling to break the glass ceiling and we still call it a man’s world? Do you know numbers have emotions and so does money. Would you really get anywhere without warmth, love, sentimentality, bringing meaningful relations into your life? Yes, then, the potent of Pink rings the bell, and why not celebrate them in the board rooms where the stern and stoical blues and greys have ruled the roost without care and compassion. Do you have to be a man in leadership roles and places where decision making is called for? I don’t think so. Decisions made with heart and a neutral mind are the best because they have something for everyone that makes them happy collectively.

Romance of pink and you are not the girly girl!!

We, women, can change the way the world, especially, how emotions are viewed in this fast-paced cosmos. Yearning for deep emotions, tenderness, and compassion are not outmoded. There was a time, a few centuries ago, when pink was the color men used in clothing. The color per se, is sweet, and full of fondness. You could be middle aged and still rock in this color, bring in the romance and love with freshness and celebrate love and warmth. Love brings meaning to life, and provides the drive to do bring out the best in you. So, why not say, A-hoy! to the hues of pink, at every age and throw in some style with feminine and elegant cuts.

Shades of Pink In Business Attire

Have a business meeting to attend? Why not pink because blues and greys are overdone and do we need the masculine element when we can retain the power in pink and its hues? Boldly march in for the business meeting in pink, getting the heads turn, and eyes roll, you could pull off the vigor, sharp acumen, intellect, and poise in pink. Unruffled, sweet, and having the strikes of acumen that brings a wave of admirable shock and surprise, and you know, you have just begun to save the world!!And you know, you can rock in pink in leadership roles, where tough decisions have to be made, and you can do so with the warmth of pink and compassion keeping the emotions and well being of people in mind!

Innocence is divine

As adults, if you still can retain your childlike innocence, you have touched purity! Whoever said innocence was only a childlike attribute are dead wrong now! Innocence instills a sense of divine purity that only a few Elysian beings are capable of carrying on, for they have touched higher virtues and all of its essence. With a touch heart and mind that puts the foot down against oppression, there is sweetness in the heart to nurture with love. Doesn’t the world need this balance? we do, so say a warm, welcoming yes to pink!

Not in your teen wardrobe yet, rocker?

I remember being an iconoclastic teen who stayed away from pink, not because I didn’t like it, I loved it, but it was a total contrast to my taste in music then. So, as years passed, I got comfortable with it as my love for metal dimmed and my taste in rock ballads, classics, and the rest grew finer with days. The Victorian pink is always a classic untouched you find in the finest pieces you can decorate your space with. So, bring in some pink, and usher the warmth in your life. I always wanted to scream to the world, I love pink, and not shy away from accepting that I have loved this color all the while but only ran away from it because I liked to hide it underneath my tough mein…but not anymore, what a relief!






Dadaism Got Mainstream And There Comes Wearable Avant Garde!

Anti-establishment in art is an element for the evolved mind which has played by the rules long enough to create beauty. When beauty was done and experimented with, there comes the avant-garde, that questions the standards only to create new wave of innovation, not to offend, well, not always, but to show the other side that nobody has thought yet. Are you in the veil of clothing that sets standards set by others? Do you want to break-free and start your own cosmos of individuality? Avant-garde clothing is waiting to dress you, make you stand out, and not in a laughable way, but only to admire your guts and gumption to dare to do what your mind and heart feels to express, but with a gumption; an offbeat gumption nobody has thought about.

You might not hang a Salvador Dali in your living room, unless you are an established artist who venerates art forms and dwells in them vicariously. Would that piece go in the commercial arts section for buyers? I don’t think so, well not in the regular art section at least. You have an art form, a literary device to express your individuality without a twitch of doubt or shame with the dadaist avant-garde fashion. Random cuts? we have done that, and now its a norm. Well, talking about avant-garde, does Vi-vane West-wood ring a bell? There are celebrated designers and artists you would be proud to show-off their work in your space and abode.

Too Individualistic are we? Parade in the avant-garde

This goes beyond mix and match with an offbeat sense of color, texture, and pattern. Did your mind intuitively connect these elements and create a Viola!! Yes, now we are talking, like no other conversation we have ever had! The talking is happening in the brand new arena of the new wave fashion. And, ..your arrival was much awaited!!

Futuristic or comfort is the question

Its your taste before comfort or comfort before taste. This is again an individual choice. Would you just want to break the norms and wear it everyday?!! Too sexy? Nada…avant-garde lacks sex appeal. Its not for the minds looking for glamour and sensuality, because it has risen above all of that. It now says, blend textures, patterns, and create a portmanteau like never before.

Something for the party?

Get heads turned. Maybe not everybody is going to admire you but you sure are going have the shock value wearing in panache and style. Delight in pink, or unusual combination of colors that blend. Amuse the onlookers and get more attention and applause for wearing your mind in the avant-garde outfit. Blend suede with Georgette and the create an androgynous mix of free flowing fabrics with the masculine weaves…And this is just the beginning.

Everyday is offbeat

Is this going to be the staple diet of your clothing? Give it an edge with an artistic twist and you wouldn’t ever go wrong!! Loud! and Artistic! are the jargon words when you usher the avant-garde into your wardrobe. It sits there pretty among all regular and random, making noise that sounds like a rythmn as it adds rhythm to your complete individuality.


Art Nouveau And Baroque Style In Your Everyday Style And Decor

Happiness is beautifying home and surroundings with thoughtful pieces that rhyme to create a pleasing look. Small condo? With elements of art nouveau and baroque, the look inside your home can make a merriment looking pretty and elegant.Don’t have to splurge to get that classic, lux look for your home and wardrobe. Well, well, talking of wardrobe that is an individualistic choice to make blended with what suits the contour and body type.

Art pieces where baroque motifs play with colors and patterns elevate your esteem and give you good feelings. Isn’t feeling good the start of being inspired to create beauty, and much more.Metallic motifs of baroque with filigree satiates your senses when you are wanting an emperial look for throwaway prices. If your mind has married abstract ideologies you have humongous choice from art nouveau to make.

Delightful florals with artistic swirls inked in metallics and myriad colors are stunning to view.Feel the panache sitting pretty doing your thing, feeling inspired and happy in a well-thought decor you ushered with good taste.

Art is here to make you feel good and happy, making a dreary day or a quarantine time soothing. The sight of beautiful pieces from simple to elaborate motifs create an opulent look you can soak into with a beautiful smile.

The age of renissance introduced to the world a weath of art and literature, evermore, with no reason to fade into the shelf of demode bougoeis. But then, la-di-das, bougoeis no more with the return of roccoco, baroque, and art nouveau taking a throne in your rooms on walls, curtains, decor pieces, or clothes.

They gear you up for happiness in eternal ala mode style or a way of life? You know now, you regal you, soaking in the regalia of stunning classic pieces, making spectacular choice, because you understand the vibe they welcome into your life.

Au revoir ho-hum, knock-knock renissance, sans a chance to dance with humdrum and mundane. You are right, you are right? Maybe now the mundane is a temporary guest in the patio waiting for a carriage to go to another until baroque and art nouveau discovered. Tada!