Styling For The Vintage Tea Party And Goodtimes

Laughter, good conversations, and the light-hearted moments fill life with joy. Holidays, friends, loved ones having a good time and bonding over a vintage garden party are beautiful memories to create. A weekend with your gals in the backyard with vintage decor is a memory to make. Embellishing your garden with jeweled elements mixed with rustic wooden elements creates a balance of the old versus new. A sense of earthiness mixed with baroque and renaissance elements found in the crockery.

Elements for the backyard

A lacy doily for the table in filigree of gold and silver threads surrounded with peonies, rose, snapdragons, and flower decor you can get your hands on. Floral delights are one of the primary elements in vintage decor. When the baroque spoke of opulence and highly ornate decor in metallic colors of gold and copper, it ushered a wish in your mind to live through the grandiose you can create using these elements. Throw in metalllic knick-knacks hanging from the bushes and trees and a string of decorative lights.

Barrette clips, frills, ruffles, satin, and beads

Dressing for the theme party is a joy in itself. Get back the pearly barrette clips to dress your hair in elegance. Bring on the lacy gloves and elaborate hats to live the Victorian era where everything was sweet and elegant. The times when prudence was celebrated and all gnarly affairs resolved with a high-brow tiff. Talking of all the pleasant things in life and paving a way for smiles brighter ushering good times. Feel a few years and decades younger with the embellished fabric bows making your hair suite speak of the beauty it is dressed in.

Handwritten letters

Send out beautifully written thank you notes in calligraphy and ink giving it a personal touch of your taste and hospitality. Words written in ink flowing through the scented artistic paper giving warmth and sweetness to the occasion. Verses, thoughtful notes, and poetry makes the occasion ingrained in the memories of guests and your loved ones.

High-waist denims, floral dresses, halternecks, and seamlines

Is the party casual? Bring on high-waisted denims with a blouse in frills and thrills. This is your day to celebrate with your trusty-sidekicks. Decode the dreariness with a bust of colors in floral motifs, dresses, and seam-lines that are louder than the demure couture. Not a day to get wasted but enough the sparkling wine, flavored chocolates, and goodies. Teens, adults, age matters? It doesn’t does it. Vintage theme takes you to an era and makes you feel oh, so young, and celebrated you could forget the hullabaloo of your busy daily rustic life for a while.

Miss goody-two shoes in Peter Pan Collars, sweetheart necklines, boat necks

Feel like a woman who wants to be rescued instead of the urban break-the-ceiling-glass-stereotype? You surely want to be loved by the man in the shining armor wearing the dulcet colors with peter pan colors and the nurturing sweetheart necklines, and boat necklines that are subtle. Un-corsetted with pleats, flows, and flower sleeves. You could breathe in the floral dresses and necklines and leave the literal elements of the era in the dramatic wardrobe that want to sing in the opera of the deep or lost love. And yes, the miss-goody-two shoes has arrived!!! with her gals to have a lot of fun and run the day in her shoes of sunshine.

Who knew? The Day Was Too Good To Be True!!

Living a single day like the fairy tale like you had no tomorrow to worry about. A day, a celebration lived in the era so, artistic, creating beauty in decor, writing, and emotions. A time, moments that fill your life with joy of life, because living in the moment was never so good.

Happier Places Have More Art

When you paint, dance, or sing, how does your heart feel? Art opens up your emotions and touches those realms which technology and science cannot. Art is consciousness in singing, dancing, artworks, colors, and all things deep. Happy are those who have music and art in them regardless of what they choose to do in their day-to-day life.

Paris is the first city that comes to your mind when you think of art or fashion. Adding color and beauty to your life takes you away from the mundane and makes your heart feel good, and what happens when you feel good, you have a chance to ‘pay it forward.’

Romance with the history and art in Berlin, Spanish and Italian cities that have given the world ornate monuments and art works you can wonder about. Lives dedicated to creating beautiful works you can marvel and soak into.

The emotions, ideas, and philosophies that intricately connect the tapestry of literary devices and artworks, and what the artists is portraying through them is a wisdom and beauty to imbue as it cleanses your soul and instills divinity changing your perspective about life for good.

Love, romance, philosophy, these are the things heart yearns for. Art teaches you what science and technology cannot. It opens up your horizons to unconventional wisdom that is founded on love, harmony, and peace. Business might not be all about numbers, there are those celebrated legends from various industries with a touch of philanthropy.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Keanu Reeves, and the list is very long of those who live their dreams with a philosophic mind. It is no strategy, it is how the heart feels and motivates to do good and bring more meaning to everything with beautiful thoughts and actions.

Consciousness through art of any form can only make you feel happy and bring more joy to the heart. If you are not doing what makes your heart happy, what purpose are you fulfilling. If you aren’t feeling very good, attempt any form of art. Sing, dance, paint, act, or feel good listening to music as it connects you to the universal energy waiting to teach your beautiful things.

Art is the only language that the heart understands and yearns for, which makes you immune to the outside noise; unaffected you dance to the rhythm of your heart and feel the joy within.

Art awakens your consciousness making your soul feel unaffected and trippy. It transforms and changes everything that has been holding you back and brings pure joy to the soul that has been bound to the grimness of attachments. Art sets you free.