Color Palette For Your Personal Experssion

Moods, colors, background, emotions, thoughts, maketh the persona. When your mind is filled with ideas, it colors your aura. You can add these colors to your personal expression when you decorate your space, choose clothes, knick-knacks, and more. Colors have an impact on the mind and moods. Wear the colors that suit your personality to create an individualistic wardrobe that speaks of your personality and your mind.

The luxe of Purple

Did you ever feel purple in your mind and though when the emotions and mentations sweltered with the vanity fair of couture and luxe. It sang symphonies to your senses, making everything easy and delightful. When you wore organza in purple layered and embraced with sequences, did it tell in your ears, its time to for music, people, good times, and melodic fete. The sybaritic grandeur of purple haze, did it make you feel high-flown, in your high heels, walking the gait of an imperial Madonna , and you have arrived! Carrying an aura of regalia, feeling the blessings of all the things good to happen. Yes, purple did happen, when you felt the royal Highness, ushered with kid glove treatment, enchanting the world with your enigma.

The Happy Orange

Fun with girls and loved ones? Did pink want to take some respite in your wardrobe? Alright, Bella, you could let the pink relax in there, till you take a vacation or a day off in the happy orange. Oh, so bright, and not at all in your face, having a good time with sweetness and smiles spread all over. And your heart? Did it sing more than the love songs? Not so deep, skimming over the niceties of social banter, and no hoopla. Feeling vintage in rustic textures or polka dots? Never demode! But, hey, don’t run for long in this citric zone, and stay in there for a day, so unique, charming your senses, away from the regular tints and shapes laughing about how happy they look in every fabric and texture. Orange, we did, and so did we do with nonchalance if it said something to our age or body contour. We just ignored and had a happy day dressed¬† and decored in orange. Not a day to feel the coy of pink!

Yours Solely Black And Blue

Not up for feeling cheerful? There are things to take care of, with an air of sombre, and you are taking business! Bring some panache with metallics, and who would dare to say you can’t mix business with edgy and not do it in style. Carry it along, the air of sombre, and tell the world you broke the glass ceiling and paved a way for innovation and newer thought patterns while your emotions were cajoled in the pink wardrobe waiting for you to return home to relax and rejuvenate. Blues only made you feel solemn because melancholy was never to touch in pensive thoughts deeply involved in breakthrough thinking.

Feel The Harmony In Shades Of Green

Feeling peaceful and one with the world, going about a bright, sunny day not waiting for rainbows because joy is from within. Little green dress, with a sunhat or bonnet, welcoming La Dolce Vita. Away from gossip, including in some books, thoughts intellectual, and a wave of undivided attention to listen to the world. Pampering, not really, because the green tints do not give you the goosebumps of a prima donna, and no you are not, being in love with everything earthy and natural. On causal days or serious days where thoughts ring a bell to do everything meaningful with a delight, there, there, you have a day in cheer and peace.



Happier Places Have More Art

When you paint, dance, or sing, how does your heart feel? Art opens up your emotions and touches those realms which technology and science cannot. Art is consciousness in singing, dancing, artworks, colors, and all things deep. Happy are those who have music and art in them regardless of what they choose to do in their day-to-day life.

Paris is the first city that comes to your mind when you think of art or fashion. Adding color and beauty to your life takes you away from the mundane and makes your heart feel good, and what happens when you feel good, you have a chance to ‘pay it forward.’

Romance with the history and art in Berlin, Spanish and Italian cities that have given the world ornate monuments and art works you can wonder about. Lives dedicated to creating beautiful works you can marvel and soak into.

The emotions, ideas, and philosophies that intricately connect the tapestry of literary devices and artworks, and what the artists is portraying through them is a wisdom and beauty to imbue as it cleanses your soul and instills divinity changing your perspective about life for good.

Love, romance, philosophy, these are the things heart yearns for. Art teaches you what science and technology cannot. It opens up your horizons to unconventional wisdom that is founded on love, harmony, and peace. Business might not be all about numbers, there are those celebrated legends from various industries with a touch of philanthropy.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Keanu Reeves, and the list is very long of those who live their dreams with a philosophic mind. It is no strategy, it is how the heart feels and motivates to do good and bring more meaning to everything with beautiful thoughts and actions.

Consciousness through art of any form can only make you feel happy and bring more joy to the heart. If you are not doing what makes your heart happy, what purpose are you fulfilling. If you aren’t feeling very good, attempt any form of art. Sing, dance, paint, act, or feel good listening to music as it connects you to the universal energy waiting to teach your beautiful things.

Art is the only language that the heart understands and yearns for, which makes you immune to the outside noise; unaffected you dance to the rhythm of your heart and feel the joy within.

Art awakens your consciousness making your soul feel unaffected and trippy. It transforms and changes everything that has been holding you back and brings pure joy to the soul that has been bound to the grimness of attachments. Art sets you free.