Color Palette For Your Personal Experssion

Moods, colors, background, emotions, thoughts, maketh the persona. When your mind is filled with ideas, it colors your aura. You can add these colors to your personal expression when you decorate your space, choose clothes, knick-knacks, and more. Colors have an impact on the mind and moods. Wear the colors that suit your personality to create an individualistic wardrobe that speaks of your personality and your mind.

The luxe of Purple

Did you ever feel purple in your mind and though when the emotions and mentations sweltered with the vanity fair of couture and luxe. It sang symphonies to your senses, making everything easy and delightful. When you wore organza in purple layered and embraced with sequences, did it tell in your ears, its time to for music, people, good times, and melodic fete. The sybaritic grandeur of purple haze, did it make you feel high-flown, in your high heels, walking the gait of an imperial Madonna , and you have arrived! Carrying an aura of regalia, feeling the blessings of all the things good to happen. Yes, purple did happen, when you felt the royal Highness, ushered with kid glove treatment, enchanting the world with your enigma.

The Happy Orange

Fun with girls and loved ones? Did pink want to take some respite in your wardrobe? Alright, Bella, you could let the pink relax in there, till you take a vacation or a day off in the happy orange. Oh, so bright, and not at all in your face, having a good time with sweetness and smiles spread all over. And your heart? Did it sing more than the love songs? Not so deep, skimming over the niceties of social banter, and no hoopla. Feeling vintage in rustic textures or polka dots? Never demode! But, hey, don’t run for long in this citric zone, and stay in there for a day, so unique, charming your senses, away from the regular tints and shapes laughing about how happy they look in every fabric and texture. Orange, we did, and so did we do with nonchalance if it said something to our age or body contour. We just ignored and had a happy day dressed  and decored in orange. Not a day to feel the coy of pink!

Yours Solely Black And Blue

Not up for feeling cheerful? There are things to take care of, with an air of sombre, and you are taking business! Bring some panache with metallics, and who would dare to say you can’t mix business with edgy and not do it in style. Carry it along, the air of sombre, and tell the world you broke the glass ceiling and paved a way for innovation and newer thought patterns while your emotions were cajoled in the pink wardrobe waiting for you to return home to relax and rejuvenate. Blues only made you feel solemn because melancholy was never to touch in pensive thoughts deeply involved in breakthrough thinking.

Feel The Harmony In Shades Of Green

Feeling peaceful and one with the world, going about a bright, sunny day not waiting for rainbows because joy is from within. Little green dress, with a sunhat or bonnet, welcoming La Dolce Vita. Away from gossip, including in some books, thoughts intellectual, and a wave of undivided attention to listen to the world. Pampering, not really, because the green tints do not give you the goosebumps of a prima donna, and no you are not, being in love with everything earthy and natural. On causal days or serious days where thoughts ring a bell to do everything meaningful with a delight, there, there, you have a day in cheer and peace.



Art Nouveau And Baroque Style In Your Everyday Style And Decor

Happiness is beautifying home and surroundings with thoughtful pieces that rhyme to create a pleasing look. Small condo? With elements of art nouveau and baroque, the look inside your home can make a merriment looking pretty and elegant.Don’t have to splurge to get that classic, lux look for your home and wardrobe. Well, well, talking of wardrobe that is an individualistic choice to make blended with what suits the contour and body type.

Art pieces where baroque motifs play with colors and patterns elevate your esteem and give you good feelings. Isn’t feeling good the start of being inspired to create beauty, and much more.Metallic motifs of baroque with filigree satiates your senses when you are wanting an emperial look for throwaway prices. If your mind has married abstract ideologies you have humongous choice from art nouveau to make.

Delightful florals with artistic swirls inked in metallics and myriad colors are stunning to view.Feel the panache sitting pretty doing your thing, feeling inspired and happy in a well-thought decor you ushered with good taste.

Art is here to make you feel good and happy, making a dreary day or a quarantine time soothing. The sight of beautiful pieces from simple to elaborate motifs create an opulent look you can soak into with a beautiful smile.

The age of renissance introduced to the world a weath of art and literature, evermore, with no reason to fade into the shelf of demode bougoeis. But then, la-di-das, bougoeis no more with the return of roccoco, baroque, and art nouveau taking a throne in your rooms on walls, curtains, decor pieces, or clothes.

They gear you up for happiness in eternal ala mode style or a way of life? You know now, you regal you, soaking in the regalia of stunning classic pieces, making spectacular choice, because you understand the vibe they welcome into your life.

Au revoir ho-hum, knock-knock renissance, sans a chance to dance with humdrum and mundane. You are right, you are right? Maybe now the mundane is a temporary guest in the patio waiting for a carriage to go to another until baroque and art nouveau discovered. Tada!

Chic Shoes Styles For Women And Shoe Personality

Owning a Ferragamo or a Steve Madden is every woman’s dream who loves style and all things beautiful. The type of footwear you choose to wear says a lot about your personality, whether from the house of couture or a knock off from the street. A woman needs to have at least 5-9 pairs of footwear to grace her style for various occasions. The woman with a bombastic shoe style has a lot to her personality and her innate nature. Well, well, you don’t always have to be the uber diva to bring out the chic in you.

Usher the demur in you and bring on some strappy sandals with floral motifs of flowy and summery dresses with a straw-hat and delight the day feeling happy in the casual chic. If you are not the high-heel alpha diva, you can as well be the laid-back girl next door with no frills and thrills and still celebrate your shoe style in sneakers and wedges.

Here are a 9 must styles for choose amongst which you can choose to have to save the day from any kind of faux paus.

Stilettos, peep toes, pumps, kitten heels

The high-heels sandals strappy or plain Jane elegant sans the embellishment speak of women who are confident in their skin. When you wear stilettos you tell the world that you are a women with a purpose and that you hold your head pretty high and have a sky-high self-esteem. Peep-toe sandals say aye aye dulcinea for the sweet and chic woman in you. Kitten heels are the business casual and you can throw in some spunk choosing motifs and designs that go beyond solid colors.

Ankle boots, thigh-highs, combat boots, and more


Boots have a bombastic and chic thrown-in together personality. If you want to choose ankle boots are the chichiest and give an edge to your outfit no matter for what occasion you are dressed, casual, or formal. If you are living in a summery-tropical country, no matter how much you love the thigh-highs, they ain’t gonna fit the weather. Leave them on the rack for a winter-chic vacation. Combat-boots is for the fiery-dynamite woman who knows how to get what she wants. Boots have a can-do, no-kill-hither persona. They seduce your heels as well as make you look kick-ass at the same time. Punk boots are not for everyone, unless you are that carrying person. Get boot-a-licious and have at least a pair of one of the style of boots and do yourself a chic favour.

Oxfords, mules, and loafers

They just say one thing- you are serious about your work and are pretty darned organised as well. Oxfords, chelsea boots, and loafers are for the woman who feels a little masculine and is elegant as well as practical. These are the types of shoes that are for the female persona who prefer practical work and keep things simple in life. No drama and matter-of-fact woman usually wear them shoes. They still look chic without the drama and match the formal and stern outfits.

Ballerinas, flip flops, sneakers, and flats

Wear them to your grocery shopping, and even better for a casual walk in the garden. Ballerinas can still add to the style element and so can flats as long as you choose funky colors, dress casually, and keep it sans the bling thing or embellishments. You can make that exception with ballerinas and buy the ones with variable motifs, textures, and styles. Ever think of metallic sneakers? OMG, they shoot up the sports casual a few notches high for those la-di-da day and night events.

Wedge, cork, pencil heels

Choose the heels for boots, sandals, or shoes depending on the clothes you will wear them with. You can choose the wedges if pencil heels are not your thing and you have to do a lot of running around for the day. They are chic and practical. You can say aye to them if you do not want to be all about work and add some spunk in the footwear you choose to wear. Cork heels are more or less the same with more options, glitter, and styles. Pencil heels are -one-word-sexy- and uber chic.

Colors, metallics, patterns, textures, embellishments

Go beyond solid colors, choose metallics, ranging from blues, copper, gold, silver, and many other shades and hues with a tinge of metallic in them. Textures for the vibrant personalities who wouldn’t mind putting their hearts and vulnerabilities on the sleeve. Rivetters, metallic embellishments, knick-knack miniatures on boots, and talk of creativity running all over your feet. Get creative with footwear choosing these attributes and say, what, you will end up standing out no matter where you put your feet.

Do you really need me to wrap it up with a conclusion now? I don’t think so 🙂